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You need some help with your love life NOW and would like to ask me a question 4.

You’re an awesome gift-giver and would like to purchase something special for a single friend or couple. You’re a business owner or marketing manager and would like to purchase my humorous relationship advice book, , in bulk to sell (alone or as part of a bundle or gift basket) or use as a delightful gift-with-purchase 6.

Record your actual interactions with men & I will literally listen to it and tell you what you did wrong, what you did right, and what you need to work on.

If you desire love & you're willing to go the distance and do WHATEVER it takes to finally fall in love with the man of your dreams, join me on this 6-month journey in which I personally mentor you.

Unless otherwise advised, continue taking your usual medications and please see below for an overview of the preparation you may be asked to adhere to: To optimize imaging, a full bladder is required for these scans.

It is therefore necessary to drink 500ml of water one hour before the scan and abstain from using the toilet.

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You’re coupled and would like me help you add depth and meaning to your wedding or anniversary 3.Well this bonus module literally teaches you the five mindsets of a player.