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But from the period 1985-1997, when the post Roe cohort is reaching peak crime ages, the high abortion states see a decline in crime of 30% relative to the low abortion states. If one updated the study, the results would be similar.) 3) All of the decline in crime from 1985-1997 experienced by high abortion states relative to low abortion states is concentrated among the age groups born after Roe v. For people born before abortion legalization, there is no difference in the crime patterns for high abortion and low abortion states, just as the Donohue-Levitt theory predicts.

4) When we compare arrest rates of people born in the same state, just before and just after abortion legalization, we once again see the identical pattern of lower arrest rates for those born after legalization than before.

Please take note that 20 data is not verified by GTD. Update July 12th: Data from the GTD for 2015 has been released. Update July 15th: Updated the chart below to reflect what already happened in 2016 (Brussels/Zaventem, Nice). Update December 20th 2016: Updated charts at bottom to reflect Berlin attack.

Update March 22nd 2017: Updated chart below to reflect London attack.

Me commenting on this brought flocks of City fans to the blog, all trying to justify the reasons behind it.

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Update June 5th 2017: Updated chart below to reflect London attack.

One reader claimed he'd first done it alone in his living room in 1954, while another swore it was started in 1945 by four people at a youth softball game in Canada.

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