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In an interview with focusing on the Great Grimsby seat, he said: “There is no chance we'll lose Grimsby, even if we selected a raving alcoholic sex paedophile we wouldn't lose Grimsby”He added: “I don’t think there is a problem in Grimsby.

There will certainly be a rise in the UKIP vote now that they have a councillor and did quite well in the European elections.

Sebastian goes to the event and sees a hitman, later known as Pavel Lukashenko, who plans to assassinate Rhonda with a gun disguised as a video camera.

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Nobby's pub friends also find out that his brother will be at World Cure and convince Nobby to go and reconnect with him.On one occasion, he travelled to a hotel near City Airport, in London, where two men took what appeared to be a dirty piece of paper from a case and covered it in a solution, making it appear to turn into a 100 dollar bill.They told him they needed money to convert the remainder of the notes in the case.He was also sent a photograph of a woman purporting to be "Rose" and told Ms Smith he had met a "woman who was young and beautiful" and that "amazing things" were happening in his life.

Mr Hunt was asked to help transfer 2.9 million US dollars into the UK through customs, which he was led to believe would be used to help him and "Rose" build a life together in this country.But, within months, Mr Hunt, who suffered from depression and had two failed marriages, had "insurmountable debts" and took his own life near Hessle, East Yorkshire, in August last year.