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that will be published in the February/March issue of American Psychologist.

The study relies on data collected between 20, including interviews with teenage Internet users as well as federal, state and local law enforcement officials.

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In fact, many newsgroup participants report being able to get close with people in interactive online areas in a way they never could in “real life.” “I’ve found a guy who actually wants to talk about the things I care about,” writes one chat room regular.

Regrettably, all close relationships eventually have to address the good and the bad, the joys and the disappointments.

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"Between June and October 2007, we conducted over 400 interviews with police about Internet-related sex crimes … and we have yet to find cases of sex offenders stalking and abducting minors on the basis of information posted on social networking sites," report authors said.

My Space made its debut in February 1999, while Facebook was made available to college students in February 2004 and to the general public in September 2006.

I am an imaginitive, submissive girl who loves roleplay of all kinds. I grew up in the Midwest where people either become very boring or wild like me.

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