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"Oh but it's sad when a love affair dies/But we have pretended enough," she sings with ersatz sadness as she pushes her befuddled lovers out the door.General Juan Peron, amassing an enormous following and pulling the strings behind the scenes before succumbing to ovarian cancer at the age of 33.Blair is not only friends with both Murdoch and Deng but is godfather to their two daughters Grace and Chloe.The speculation even prompted a spokesman from his London office to say, “If you are asking if they are having an affair, the answer is no.” The statement’s present tense fueled more speculation than it quelled.The company is considered the world’s second largest media empire and the third largest entertainment conglomerate.Another popular thread of speculation about Deng’s next target centers on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, 60.One online rumor suggests Deng’s decision to divorce Murdoch came specifically after learning that Putin is getting a divorce.That seems unlikely since a statement from Murdoch’s office said the marriage had been “irretrievably broken down” since about six months ago.

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After rumors of Deng canoodling — the term of art for "fucking" in entertainment journalism parlance — with Putin surfaced, the finger-wagging commenced almost immediately, with people on Twitter referring to Deng as a whore, a witch, a social climber and a gold digger.“The song that specifically references this ‘event’ is ‘The Moment I Knew.’ They lyrics are all about her birthday party and Jake not showing up.” Some of the lyrics for the song include, “You should’ve been there, Should’ve burst through the door,” with Swift going on to sing, “You said you’d be here.” Throughout the song Swift describes how she was waiting in her “party dress” for him to show up and admits that when he didn’t she retreated to the bathroom.

In Germany, however, most prostitutes' organizations deliberately use the word Hure (whore) since they feel that prostitute is a bureaucratic term.… continue reading »

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