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22-Jul-2016 19:14

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Many will basically pick girls up anywhere, anytime—from asking what book you are reading on the metro, to asking if you know where the wine is in the supermarket, to literally stopping you in the street with a moped (yup, happened).Many guys will offer a personal tour of the city, which can be quite romantic if you’re into the guy.For some reason, the most common searches that drive Googlers to my site involve “how to date an Italian.” Actually, many of the keywords that people enter into the search box are not appropriate for me to repeat.I consider my blog to be rated “R,” but apparently many of you (and you know who you are) are searching for “X-rated” material. However, I love reading the comments on these posts, which are often hilarious and occasionally quite insightful.A recent commenter from Australia managed to accomplish both, and I’ve been thinking about what she wrote ever since.On one level, I totally agreed with her, but there was something about her opinions that just didn’t quite square with my experiences. She didn’t mention her real name, and I wouldn’t reveal it anyway.Well, I already knew that we were doing it wrong, but this reader explains “how.” I guess I should also point out that this discussion mostly includes Italian women with men from Australia, the U. Men from other parts of Mediterranean Europe or South America might not struggle as much. So what I’d like to do here is to present her comments, and then offer my observations in response.Without further ado, gentlemen (and curious ladies), I give you the reader known only as “Female G” from Perth. I am an Italian woman in my late 30’s living in Australia.

Physically, I am the typical good-looking Italian brunette girl with a curvy but toned body and a thin waist, which here looks quite exotic and appealing, I guess, amongst all these blondes.

Since you asked a stereotyped question you get a stereotyped answer, meaning it is my opinion of what applies to "many Italian men concerning many English women". While I have seen a few Celtic absolute beauties, every Country has those peaks.

Most would not be shy about that type of generalization, they woulg give you a straight positive answer, similarly I am not shy to say I tend not to like British ladies.

Another popular dating opener is to ask you for private English lessons.

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A teacher friend of mine got stung with this a number of times Italian men also have an open-minded and friendly approach to dating.The most well-known annoying characteristic of Italian men is their tendency to be mama’s boys. A native New Yorker, she traded the Big Apple for expat life in sunny Spain over 5 years ago and never looked back.

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