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09-May-2016 11:16

Every once and a while you may have noticed that i Tunes does not have the proper album artwork for the music you have imported.

In some cases, it may not have the album artwork at all.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been trying to find a good way to listen to my home i Tunes collection from work, or on my phone.

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I also have i Tunes loaded and have no problems finding album artwork and info with this program. I can't find anyone having this same problem on the internet. Hi, Microsoft support may be able to help you, both Windows 8.1 and Windows Media Player are not HP's products: I do see thumbnails of album art, but I don't get get album art when I switch to the page of the current song that's playing. The only time when its doesn't function is when I play a saved song. Hi, Some of the album art in Windows Media Player 12 (Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit) only shows a black box.The missing album artwork will distract you from attentively listening to songs.

Although Apple i Tunes library can download the missing covers automatically for i Phone, you have to add album art to each one on i Phone by i Tunes.Another site that is great for album artwork is 2) You’ll need to save the image somewhere that is easily accessible. 3) Once the image is saved, you’ll need to re-open i Tunes.